ADEE9R Black – Electric (20amp)

ADGE9R Black – Gas (Nat or LP)

Trusted, Reliable,
Durable, Quick

Dryer features include:

  • 9kg
  • Performance vented drying (35-45 min, load type and model dependent)
  • Whisper quiet, superior airflow of 85 litres per second results in faster drying with less wear and creasing of clothes
  • Four temperature settings and auto sensing feature ensure the dryer does not over dry items, therefore saving time, energy and money
  • 8 Drying cycles, favourite options, dryness and temperature selection, additional features such as Anti-wrinkle, Eco Dry and Signal finish
  • Available in Quick Dry: 20 amp electric or Super Quick Dry: Nat/LP Gas
  • All Speed Queen dryers must be vented to atmosphere

5 Year Warranty – Domestic / Home use only, please see warranty card for details.

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